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Dads In Love with Fitness


This program is for Dads and dad-aged men. Dads that want their significant others to look at them and say “Mmmmmm….yea, he’s a DILF”. (Dad In Love with Fitness, or… is there another meaning? You decide!)



Basically it’s a program for those that want to look jacked. Not a skinny stick.

Not a competitive bodybuilder. Think shredded abs, strong and muscular. For Dads that wanna look good naked, and look like they workout when wearing a loose shirt. And for dads that want all the health benefits training has to offer along the way.

It’s also for dads low on time. I get it. Between work, your spouse, your kids… and every activity and hobby imaginable in between, you don’t have time to spare, even if you wanted to. And you don’t live/work at some mega-gym full of endless rows of machines. Basically you want absolutely MAXIMUM results, with the LEAST amount of time input, and easily accessible equipment.

You also don’t want some excessively complicated workout program you need a college degree to understand. But you still want everything you need to know, a program that produces actual results and program you can trust.

Don’t worry. I got you. That’s exactly what the DILF Maker program is, and more.

It’s the culmination of all my knowledge and experience. My four year Exercise Science degree, dozens of Courses, Seminars, and Certifications completed as well as over a decade of professional experience working as a Trainer, working with clients IN PERSON. Producing results with your average “Mr Jones” to some of the best physiques in the world.

So let’s get started...

and get you on your way to being a ripped DILF.


3 Workouts per week!

  • Every month I will send you your new workouts for the month ahead
  • Each workout has a full video walk through and can be completed with home gym equipment
  • Full exercise library with each exercise broken down
  • Printable workout sheets


Think chest workout before hitting the beach with the FAM or arm workout before an obligatory night out with the wife's co workers.


My personal guide with walkthrough on how to setup your food based on the results you want. No tricks or gimmicks, no need for a nutrition degree, no demonising of this and that. I will go through everything you need to know.


When you have a family recovery can be overlooked, I will go through how to ensure recovery is optimal for the results you want. I know what it’s like, with 3 kids, running a business and husband duties, we need to make sure our recovery is on point to get the results. There is no point working out if it affects your home life or makes you feel like crap.


One of the biggest motivators is joining like minded people who are on the same path as you, same struggles, same goals, who want to better themselves. We are not talking about stepping on stage at a bodybuilding show, this is about maintaining a six pack and looking good on the beach, all whilst being able to enjoy eating an ice cream with your kids or pancakes for breakfast!

The private Facebook group is for all DILFS to help each other out and discuss the routines, nutrition, anything fitness related…

And I (Joe Bennett) will be there with my coaches to help you every step of the way.


– Creator of the DILF Maker

I have been working full time as a trainer, providing for my family, for a decade and a half. I’ve had a passion for training since I was 15 years old, and feel truly grateful and blessed to be able to continue pursuing my passion as a profession. Able to support my family, while other men attain their ideal physique, quickly and efficiently.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sport Sciences in 2006.I began working full time as a trainer/coach that same year, and continued to work with clients, in person, today. During that time I’ve been a top trainer in commercial gyms as well also managed/developed personal training departments for several different companies. (2008-2015)

I also have a passion for continuing education and development as a trainer. With the goal of always providing my clients with the best, most cutting-edge information, to produce the best/fastest results. Every year I continue to develop my skill set and to date, I have completed certifications through RTS (Resistance Training Specialist), Charles Poliquin, MAT (Muscle Activation Technique), FRC (Functional Range Conditioning), NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), IMG Academy and others.

I have helped thousands of clients attain their goals. Everyone from individuals in their 90’s, to middle-age, busy, “average Joes”, all the way to professional athletes and world champion physique competitors.

All of this experience and knowledge is truly culminated and poured into the DILF Maker program, which is why I am so proud of it, and have 100% confidence in the results it will produce for your physique.


The “model” and guinea pig for the program is Dan, my best friend of over 20 years. He’s married, an active father of 3, and both him and his wife work demanding full time shift jobs.

He’s a completely “normal” guy with no exceptional training experience or knowledge. He wants to be ripped, strong, healthy and most importantly…look like a DILF for his wife. He has very limited time, and equipment. So it was an added bonus and motivation for me to build a program around him and his needs. Adding an additional component to building the program, making it more of a personal passion project for me. Aside from always wanting the best for my clients, also really wanting something amazing for my best friend.

So aside from building the program from my professional experience, we tested and refined it with my best friend as the first one to go through. For me, it made the experience more fun, fulfilling and a nice way to get some more quality time with my best friend.

I was also very excited to produce such amazing results with him along the way. And hopefully adds one more degree of confidence to anyone else using the program, yes I want the best for you, but I also want to best for those closest to me using the program daily as well.


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